Stevens – Why didn’t Cary Stevens and Minnie Blanche Shipp raise Henry Burl Sr. ?

Carrie Stevens and Minnie Bell Shipp were married in 1899. Carrie joined the U.S. Army for a three year term in 1900 when Minnie Blanche was pregnant with their first and only son Henry Burl. Carrie was shipped out to the Philipines to fight in the Spanish-American War. Minnie Blanche requested his discharge and the U.S. Army complied. The 1900 Federal census shows Carrie, Minnie Blanche and Henry Burl living with her father and other family members in Clark Township, Johnson County, Indiana. The 1910 Federal census shows Henry Burl still living with Minnie Blanche’s father in the same place but Carrie is remarried to Gertrude and living in California and Minnie Blanche’s whereabouts are unknown. What happened?

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