Making Sense of This Blog

Just a posting to let you know that I’ve made a small change to make this blog easier for my whole family to enjoy. I originally divided my family up into four categories based on my four immediate grandparents’ surnames. My paternal grandparents, Stevens and Coakley, and my maternal grandparents, Tennant and Wright. But, the only people who are interested in all four surnames are my brother and sister and their children. What to do to make sure my whole family gets the information they want without extraneous information popping up every time I post information about the “other” side of the family?

I think I’ve come upon a solution. My recent change has been to type one of those surnames in the post title so that if you are subscribed to my blog you can easily see if the post will be of interest to you or not as soon as you get notification of a new post. Hopefully, this will make my blog more enjoyable to all.

As I went back and added the root surname to all my current posts, I can see that I’ve only posted for one quadrant of my family. Soon, I’ll be posting some information from my maternal side. We’ll see if I can’t even out the posts.

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