Wright – Vinita, Oklahoma

Bathing Pool Vinita Glass House in Vinita vinita_ok Frisco, Depot, Vinita, Oklahoma


No wonder Everett Emerson Wright (my maternal great grandfather; 1869-1959) brought his wife (Minnie Bell Mills) and six children to Oklahoma to start a new life. Things look mighty good according to the following newspaper article from The Indian Chieftain, Vol. 15, No. 11, Ed. I, Thursday, November 12 1896.

“Vinita’s superiority from a commercial and most all other standpoints has come to be generally acknowledged throughout this country. The town is not only admired as a place to live, but at all the surrounding towns the quality of goods carried by our merchants and the low price at which they are sold is remarked upon. And if nothing was said the results plainly show what the people think, for the trade of Vinita has been greater this fall than ever before in its history. We are on the road to fame and fortune too and must see to it that everything possible is done to advance our interests – increase to its utmost extent the wave of prosperity.”

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