30 Nov – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Nov 30

1942 – Monday and I Dont feel so good today. Dad worked Day. they are Riggin up Still looking for Bud.

1943 – I washed today went in & got Maries clothes first. Ironed some after Dad went to work. Marie came by & we took her home

1944 – No entry

1945 – No entry

1946 – No entry

I wonder what happened to Bud in the 1942 entry? Was he working with Grampa and didn’t show up for work? It doesn’t sound like he lived with them at this point. Maybe he just hadn’t checked in for a few days? In the 1943 entry it sounds like she still takes care of Marie’s clothes. Marie would be 19 at this point. Perhaps she is living where there is no facilities to wash clothes.

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