3 Dec – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Dec 3

1942 – Marie came out & went Back when Dad & Bud went To work. Her vacation starts Tomorrow. Wish we had a house.

1943 – Today we ran out of Butain Dad went & got it as he took Marie home Browns were here Today

1944 – No entry

1945 – No entry

1946 – No entry

Grama had a list of addresses in the front of the diary and for December 1942 she wrote down Gateway Auto Court in Santa Maria, California as their address. It looks like they’d been there since Sep 19th (moved there from Los Alamos, California) and would move on to Pismo Beach, California on December 26th. No wonder she wanted a house. She was tired of moving and tired of living in little auto courts. 

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