4 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 4

1942 –Marie & Daddy was off Today Slept Late. Daddy & I went for a Drive up coast about 80 mi.
1943 –Monday & I washed this morning. Dad & Bud slept today Marie came & the boys went claming. Bud took Marie home.
1944 – I washed yesterday & Ironed Today Daddy slept. We went to Brown Tonight & they are sick with flu. Got letter Ma Tenant are all sick
1945 – Had my hair fixed Marie is moving to Mrs Millers. All went to Pismo to Legans. Came home She has been sick.
1946 – No entry

It was fun to read the last sentence of the 1942 entry. I have many fond memories of Grampa driving us “up the coast” on Sundays. I guess they never got tired of the scenery.

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