19 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 19

1942 – Didnt Do any thing today Just fooled around & went To bed early.

1943 –Dad & Bud worked I washed & took care of Donnie while Mrs Baird washed. Went To show tonight. The Navy Comes Through

1944 –Another Beautiful day But I am taking a cold. Daddy took Marie into Town She stayed for dinner We signed deed today

1945 –Slept late Had my hair fixed. Ray came by & he & Marie went to show Sure cold tonight. Froze the water facets

1946 – No entry

The movie referenced in 1943 was a 1942 release entitled “The Navy Comes Through”, starring Pat O’brien, George Murphy, and Jane Wyatt.The special effects were great for the time. For example, the art directors developed a special “sky and horizon” machine which created the effect of water motion against the horizon. All the sea shots were filmed on land using rocking arc lamps that projected waves on an acre of muslin. This must have been quite realistic for the 1943 audience.


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