22 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 22


1942 – Daddy worked last Night They still have About 2 wks Arent sure what they are going to Do. Letters from Marie and Lilly.
1943 –Well its rain again Dad & Bud are working & its rained all Day went to Bed early
1944 –Sat went To Town Marie didnt come by Daddy goes out Nit. Tour Tonight came home & He went to Bed
1945 –We went to Legans Mrs Legan Been sick. Dad got gloves. Marie Didnt come by No Mail yet. Cold again Today
1946 – No entry

In the 1942 entry Grama expresses the thought that they think they only have two more weeks of work on this field?/rig?. This seems to be an occupational hazard in the oil industry.  It must have been rough not knowing if you were going to have a job in the future or, if you had one, how long it would last.

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