52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

I don’t have anyone in my Tree that was born in this week so I’ll just talk about someone I’m currently working on, my grandmother, Martha Marie Wright Tennant. She was born in 1901 in Indiana. I have a small composition book that she had from Prairie Chapel School near Vinita, Oklahoma. I thought I’d share one of the stories she wrote down in her little book.

The Ant and the Dove

One hot day an ant went down to a brook to krink; but Poor thing! it fell into the watter. A Dove saw it, and dropped a branch into the stream. The little ant clung to the branch, and so it got safe to land. To or three days after, the ant saw a man put up his gun to shoot the poor dove. The ant crep up and bit the man in the heal. The gun went off, but the dove was not hurt.

I wonder how old she was at this time. The composition book gives no clue.

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2 Responses to 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

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  2. What a great story1 I am kin to the Wrights by DNA, vut know little about them or my line! Wish I did, willhave to work on it! She was very smart and compassionate! thanks for sharing this!

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