16 Mar – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

16 Mar

1942 Dad went out to work again today to make up for Day he lost. Crew were mad But Ray wasn’t. got card from Marie

1943 Today I rented a 2 Bed Roomed house in Compton at 5418 Summerdale. Will put our things in tonight. Maries are at Pats.

1944 No entry

1945 We got the telephone Hooked up today & I walked up Rose & tried to get an appointment. Daddy slept.

1946 No entry

I tried to find 5418 Summerdale in Compton California. There is an E Summerdale Street in East Compton that I found on City-Data.com which is numbered 5400 to 5499 so the address should be there but Google Earth does not recognize it. Her notes in the front of the diary show that they lived here exactly two months.


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