21 Apr – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

21 Apr

1942 Came up yesterday Today To S. Maria & got House at 508C S. Thornburg St. Not much but 35 per Month. O well. Marie can stay home.

1943 Bud fooled around all Day. Dad slept Till 4 Today. Lot of Noise too. I worked in yard weeds are so high all around here

1944 No entry

1945 No entry

1946 No entry

1942 entry: I checked Google Earth for the address. 508C S. Thornburg Street is still there in Santa Maria. It is a six bungalow court of three bungalows facing the other three bungalows. The court runs perpendicular to the street. It must have been two bedrooms if they felt that they could keep Marie at home with them. I wonder where she was living while they were out of town?


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