52 Ancestors 52 Weeks


#11 (catch up) John Hominy Wright is my 4th great grandfather on my maternal grandmother’s side. He was born 17 March 1774 to James Wright and Sarah Haworth in Newberry, South Carolina. The family were among a group of Quakers who had moved to South Carolina and formed the Newberry Monthly Meeting. Later on John Hominy settled Randolph County, Indiana with his wife Margaret Lane Reese again with a group of Quakers. Our family has a long history of being Quakers.

I‘m not sure where he picked up the nickname, Hominy. It is said that wherever it was, there were so many John Wrights that they were all given nicknames to differentiate between them. If you read histories of Randolph County, Indiana, there were so many Wrights that it is hard to keep them apart in your mind.


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3 Responses to 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks

  1. There are Wrights, Haworths and Rees’s in my lines. Places were Chester Co. PA, Maryland, Bush River, Guilford County NC, Greene Co., Tennessee, Miami Meeting, Ohio, Grant Co., Howard
    County, and Miami County. IN. Sarah Hunt, my ggrandmother, was born in Randolph County in 1846, before the move to Howard. I’d like to explore more. Chris Nicholson

  2. renebaron says:

    Looks like we might learn something from each other. We’ll have to keep in touch.
    Rene Baron

  3. Holly says:

    John Hominy Wright was my 4th great grandfather as well. My line is “Hominy” John>Jacob Wright m Mary McGill> Eliza Wright m Sydner Cummins> Mary Ann Cummins m George Richards> Maxie Sly Richards m Henry Guy Stearman> Glenn Stearman m Coral Strickland (my grandparents).
    If you wish, you can email me at suthainn@cox.net.

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