52 Ancestors 52 Weeks


John Prior & Hepsiba Wrightjpg

#7 (catch up) John Prior Wright is a first cousin, 6 times removed. He was born on 17 March 1802 in Tennessee to Isaac Wright and Susannah Haworth. Susannah is said to share the same ancestry as President Herbert Hoover, although I have not personally done the research to verify that. The family were early pioneers of Howard County, Indiana. Like many of my ancestors on my mother’s side, they were Quakers.

He married Hepsiba Coats in 1822. When Howard County opened for land purchases, John Prior Wright rode horseback to Indiana with only a blazed trail to guide him in 1840 as told in the County 1877 Atlas. He returned the following spring with his family and parents. John and Hepsiba would have had seven children at that time. They would eventually have two more.Their first farm was west of New London, known as Dugan Jones farm. It was here that Isaac & Susannah died in 1844 and were buried in the Old Quaker Cemetery at New London.

The first meeting of Society of Friends in New London was held in the woods. The next being held house to house. “John P. sat at the head of the meeting ” (as Friends say) for 20 years. He attended meetings nearly twice a week until the end of his life, nearly always on foot. He played a major role in activities of the Underground Railroad and engaged in much active poor relief. When the Civil War ended, a former slave was residing with the Wright family for whom John Prior took over the care and education.

He died 2 April 1882 at the age of 80.



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