52 Ancestors 52 Weeks


#18 Rachel Wells is my 6th great grandmother on my maternal grandmother’s side. She was born on 3 May 1720 in Prince George’s Maryland to Joseph Wells and Margaret Swanson. She married John C. Wright. Rachel and her husband John were prominent Quakers. They helped to establish several Meetings as they migrated through the country. One move stands out to me. In 1749 they moved from Virginia to Mitchell, North Carolina where they helped to establish the Cane Creek Meeting. They took 7 children. Three were under the age of four. They traveled 300 miles with no wagon because there were no roads. There were probably not enough horses for each member of the family. We come from hardy stock!


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  2. Hello,
    You and I have ancestors who had a lot to do with each other. I have just had a reply that I wrote
    disappear. I had given my line back to Rachel Wells and John C. Wright who are also my sixth great grandparents. In your more recent contribution you mentioned Wrights from East Tennessee. My family also took that trip. You referred to the 1879 Howard County Atlas. My great grandfather John Abel Baldwin’s life is referred to in the 1883 Howard County Atlas which resides on my bookshelf. He lived on the opposite end of Howard county in Jerome, Union Township, though spent his adult life not far away—in Amboy, Miami County. My grandfather and father were both born and lived in Amboy and were members of the Friends Meeting there. I live
    in Richmond, very near Earlham College, a Quaker College, and our family are still Quakers.

    Because of my difficulties with the computer and blogging it would be easiest for me to communicate by e-mail. My e-mail is chrisbnicholson@hotmail.com and I would be glad to share

    Chris N.

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