52 Weeks 52 Ancestors




#27 Mary A Robertson is my 2nd great grandmother, the mother of Jacob Riley Mills who is the father of Minnie Bell Mills Wright who is the mother of my maternal grandmother, Martha Marie Wright Tennant. She was born 6 July 1852 in Indiana. I don’t know who her parents are but the 1880 census says that her father was born in Indiana and her mother was born in Kentucky. She married Jacob Riley Mills on 19 April 1873. She had ten children.

She was able to visit my great grandmother, Minnie Bell Mills Wright, in Oklahoma a few times. She came with her youngest daughter, Delia. She always bought the children new clothes, which were greatly appreciated, and had a professional photographer take pictures. I imagine she came on the train.

One family story about her is that she had diabetes, which is what she eventually died of. They amputating her leg to try and save her life, knowing that it was a long shot. They put the leg in the ice house to bury with her in case she didn’t make it. At one point, she was delirious and called out that her leg was in terrible pain. She wouldn’t rest until someone went out to the ice house and turned the leg. Then she slept peacefully!

Mary A Robertson died on 27 January 1912.



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