4 September – Martha Marie Tennant – Five Year Diary


1942 Daddy woked Day light & worked over untill Midnight I was afraid some thing had happened to him.

1943 Dutch slept till Noon we went to pismo for dinner & came back to SM. to show got home at 10 Oclock

1944 Denver. Got up at 10:30 Ate Breakfast with Bud. went To park & took pictures. Visited with Bud till 9:30 He went To Camp Lowery No 2.

1945 No entry

1946 No entry

1944 entry – Lowry Field (1938-1948) was a U S Army Air Force training base during World War II located in Lowry Colorado right outside Denver. Lowry Field was named for 2d Lt Francis Lowry, the only Colorado pilot killed in WWI combat; It was established on the site of a TB hospital. The sanatorium’s main building became the Army post’s headquarters, and the largest single barracks (3,200 men) was completed in mid-1940. We have no way of knowing if Bud was actually assigned to that barracks but the odds are good. Lowry seemed to have focused on Boeing B59 training. We know Bud was a gunner from his own accounting of the war.

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