Tennant – William Thadios Tennant – 1910

In 1910, William Thadios Tennant (35) was living on a farm in Township 7, Craig County, Oklahoma with his wife Mattie (31), son Ethmer (12), son Aubrey (10) (my maternal grandfather), and daughter Loy, (7 mos). Township 7 is near Vinita, OK. According to the 1910 Federal Census this was the first marriage for both William and Mattie. Also, the census tells us that Mattie had 5 children with only 3 still living in 1910. William and Mattie had been married 13 years so it appears that they had Ethmer right away and then Aubrey two years later. The two children who didn’t survive had to have been born between Aubrey and Loy since there is about a nine years difference. They would go on to have one other son, William, who was born with Down Syndrome approximately 10 years after Loy.  I don’t ever remember my grandfather talking about the two siblings who passed early but he must have been aware of them. We also learn from the census that William was a farmer and William and Mattie owned the farm outright.

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