Wright – George Washington Mills – 1855 to 1956

George Washington Mills 100 years oldGeorge Washington Mills (1855-1956) is the brother of my Great Great Grandfather, Jacob Riley Mills. If you see pictures of them you can’t tell one from the other, or at least I can’t. George lived to 101. He got his first job as a log roller when he was 10 years old. Then, he was a farmer for 50 years. Later he became a cement contractor in Farmland, IN. It is said that he built most of the sidewalks in Farmland during that time.

He moved to Muncie IN  in 1905. In 1925 he moved in with his niece, Delia Mills Lowery, one of Jacob’s daughters.  Delia owned and operated a candy company and the last cement job George had was cementing the basement of the candy kitchen. He was 85 years old at that time. He was known by the patrons of the Lowery candy kitchen as “Uncle George”.

He discovered fishing when he retired and became quite a fisherman. On his 100th birthday he went fishing and caught his limit of crappies. He was at the Lowry summer home on Westler Lake near Wolcottville on a Sunday in his 101st year when he was stricken with his final illness. He refused to come home because he wanted to stay and fish some more. He seemed to be improving and on Monday he did some fishing. He was finally convinced to return home to Muncie on Tuesday where he died on Wednesday, 18 July 1956.

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