Wright – Morgan Mills

My head is spinning round and round trying to keep track of all the Morgan Mills we have in our family. At first I was afraid that I had made some mistakes somewhere. But then I drew a diagram and it became clearer.

Elijah Mills (1753-1837) is my 5th great grandfather. He had numerous children, three of which were Jacob Mills (1792-1852), Morgan E. Mills (1794-1878), and Elija Mills Jr. (1804-1895). Jacob and Elijah must have been very fond of their brother, Morgan, because they both named a son Morgan. Jacob’s son is Morgan W. Mills (1844-1922) and Elijah’s son is Morgan Mills (1845-?). Morgan didn’t name any of his son’s Morgan but his son Joseph Mills (1822-1905) had a son that he named Morgan Mills (1846-1894). If you’ve been counting that is four Morgan Mills that I have discovered so far.

The relationships to me were still unclear but Ancestry.com says that Morgan E. Mills (1794-1878) is my 4th great grandfather, Morgan W. Mills (1844-1922) is my 3rd great grand uncle, Morgan Mills (1845-?) is my 1st cousin 5 x removed, and Morgan Mills (1846-1894) is my 2nd great grand uncle.


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