Wright – White River Township and Stoney Creek Township


In doing research on the Wrights and the Mills, the names of two areas pop up time and again, White River Township and Stoney Creek Township in Randolph County, Indiana. After reviewing successive U.S. Federal censuses, I assumed that my ancestors originally lived in White River Township and then moved to Stoney Creek Township until I researched the history of Randolph County. I found out that the county had only two townships originally because the population was so small at the time. White River Township occupied the north part of the county and Greenfork Township occupied the south. As people moved into the area, land was taken from these two to form more townships.  On 2 July 1827, land was taken from White River Township to form Stoney Creek Township. Stoney Creek Township was further divided even after its original formation as has White River Township been divided several times.  There are currently 11 Townships, all formed from the original two.

So, my family may never have moved from their original locations, the governmental body had just changed. They may have lived in the part of White River Township that eventually became Stoney Creek Township and stayed a part of Stoney Creek Township even as parts of it were taken to form other townships.

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