Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Five Year Diary

Five Year Diary

I have Grama’s 5 year diary. I have felt like I have gotten to know Grama more after reading the diary so I thought it would be fun to post a page a day until we have all read the entire diary together. This is an insight into her life that we could not have had before, partly since it is before our time. Some entries are easier to read than others but they all add to our knowledge of who and where we came from.

If you don’t know how a 5 year diary works, it is very easy. Each page is one calendar day with 5 sections, one for each year. Grama started hers in 1942 but had no entries in 1946. Even for 1942 through 1945, she didn’t have an entry every day. I will start the posts tomorrow.

I hope that you enjoy knowing Grama more as we work through the year. As you read the entries, if they jog a memory of any stories you have heard from Grama or Grampa or another family member, leave a comment so we can all add to our knowledge of this wonderful woman and her life.

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