27 Dec – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Dec 27

1942 – Sunday Marie came over we went Down to Beach today sure is nice & sun shiny. I like it here. Take Marie home tonight.

1943 – I couldn’t keep anythng on my stomack yesterday But Better Today Daddy went To work. Marie came by & got dinner tonight

1944 – Dad went To work at 4 – Got letter from Arlis in England. Marie is here Tonight – guess Bud is on his way home.

1945 – No entry

1946 – No entry

In the 1944 entry, Grama could be referencing her brother Arlis Eldo Wright who would have been 45 years old or his son Arlis E Wright who would have been 19 years old. They were both living in Porterville California in 1940. I’m thinking it must be the younger Arlis but, I can’t be sure without further research.

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