11 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 11

1942 – Today was sunday Dad Took Load To Taft went by Castie. Marie & Loland went To show Tonight. I am alone
1943 – Mon. Dad & Bud worked afternoon tour. I got my hair fixed I have felt so blue all evening I don’t know why
1944 – I mended & crocheted Marie & Dad worked Marie came by & took Bus into Town will stay all night Tomorrow
1945 – Took Bud To Taft Met Erma? Saw Minnie got home at 8:30 . Sure miss Bud wish he was back.
1946 – No entry

I googled the Castie California mentioned in the 1942 entry and found no such place. This could be spelled wrong or a nickname. It could also be the name of the oil field and not a municipality. It will be fun to find out more. If any of you know more about it, add your information in the comments. The 1945 entry is fun as well. Grama mentions meeting Erma. Erma is Bud’s future wife. (Now we know what all Bud’s trips to Taft are about. LOL) Is this the first time they have met her? Or, does this mean they all met up in Taft for the day. Since this is the first mention of Erma in this diary, I’ll bet this is the first time they’ve met her so I wonder if the question mark after her name means Grama is not sure about her. That feeling must not have lasted because I believe they wound up having a nice relationship with her during her marriage to Bud.This is just a fun glimpse into what Grama was thinking on the day she met her future daughter-in-law.

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