12 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 12

1942 – Monday & Marie worked I washed & packed some More Maby we will move Tomorrow.
1943 – Tuesday. Today is again a pretty Day I washed after Mrs Baird Dad & Bud went To work afternoon Tour I ironed some tonight
1944 – Marie came by this weather is Beatuiful so warm & sun shiny. They have a prowler here.
1945 – Dad slept all Day Marie came by took her into Town. Sure lonesome without our Boy-
1946 – No entry

In 1943 they must have lived somewhere with shared laundry facilities since she mentions washing “after Mrs. Baird”. 1944’s entry is kind of odd. The weather is beautiful and, oh, by the way, there is a prowler here. What?

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2 Responses to 12 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

  1. I bet there is a great story to be discovered. You are already turning the diary into a mystery… very good

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