52 Weeks 52 Ancestors


Our second featured ancestor is John Robert Coakley. He was born on 13 Jan 1849. This is how we are related: My dad’s mother was Georgia Mary Coakley. Her father was Thomas Lewis Coakley. Her grandfather was William Jefferson Coakley and his father was Lewis Coakley. Lewis Coakley had a brother named George Coakley, who was the father of our John Robert Coakley. That makes him my 1st cousin 4X removed. (Hey. It’s hard to find an ancestor with a specific birth date. Remember, I’m posting about ancestors who were born in 52 specific weeks.)

James Robert Coakley was born, lived, and died in Green Co., KY. He married Nancy E. Dearen and went on to have six children. He died on 6 Jul 1913 at the age of 64.

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  1. It is interesting how everyone is interpreting the challenge. I have seen some people pick only female ancestors instead. 🙂

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