20 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 20

1942 – Slept Late Dads Day off. went To San Fernando Jones& Brown. Pauls went home & had saw the show.
1943 –Rained all Day & was terrible Bud & Dad went Down & Dug clams got 2 limits. 2 Nuts you ask Me. They Nearly Froze.
1944 –Took Marie into Town Daddy on Day lights M We went to show Tonight
1945 –Dad went to work at 10 moving rig.Froze everything last night Sun pretty today. Sent Bobs gas mask this morning.
1946 – No entry

The 1943 entry is a rare moment when Grama let her sense of humor show in this diary.
It looks like that families in 1945 had to send safety equipment to their boys in the military just like families today.

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