52 Weeks 52 Ancestors



Week Three Featuring William M. Coakely

William M. Coakley (my third great grand uncle)


William Thomas Coakley (father of William M. Coakley)


Lewis Coakley son of William Thomas Coakley)


William Jefferson Coakley (son of Lewis Coakley)


Thomas Lewis Coakley (son of William Jefferson Coakley)


Georgia Mary Coakley (daughter of Thomas Lewis Coakley)


Henry Burl Stevens Jr. (Son of Georgia Mary Coakley)


Me, Sylvia Rene Stevens (daughter of Henry Burl Stevens Jr.)

William M Coakley was born on 15 January 1818 in Green County, Kentucky. He died on 5 October 1864 and was buried in the Thomas Coakley Cemetery in Green County. I have found a record of William M Coakley marrying Mary Jane Young in Sumner, Tennessee in 1851 but was it my William M Coakley? How did he get to Tennessee? In the 1860 Federal Census I found him again in Green County, Kentucky married to a woman named Mary J. That makes me a little more confident but then the question remains. How did he get to Tennessee to meet and then marry Mary Jane Young? A look at the map shows Sumner County, Tennessee right on the border with Kentucky. Only two Kentucky counties separate Sumner County Tennessee from Green County, Kentucky.

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