28 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 28


1942 – Went to Nona & Lenards for Dinner. Left at 1 o”clock & went Down to Harris after we got Home Dad goes to work Days Tomorrow
1943 –Slept Late & then we went to San Louis got Tires Inspected & got order for New tire
1944 – No entry
1945 – No entry
1946 – No entry
Interesting entry for 1943. They had to get their tires inspected before they were able to buy new tires. In 1941 the Office of Price Administration (OPA) initiated the first of two rationing programs in aid of the war .This one limited the purchase of certain commodities, such as tires, cars, etc. For example, no one was able to have more than 5 tires and they had to show that they were in special need of them. Japanese occupations in the Far East had made it impossible to get rubber from plantations in the Dutch East Indies, and what little rubber was available went straight to airplane and munitions factories. Because no one had yet figured out how to make really high-quality artificial rubber, the OPA especially wanted to encourage people to care for the automobile tires they already had. In addition, Prices were “fixed” so that there would be no profiteering. We are all familiar with the other program which limited quantities of mostly foodstuff such as sugar, butter, etc. but gasoline and non-rubber shoes were in this program as well.


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