29 Jan – Martha Marie Wright Tennant – Five Year Diary

Diary Jan 29


1942 – Got up at 6 O’clock Dad worked. I walked Down Town No Mail went To Bed early suppose to be Blackout.
1943 –Bud worked M. Tour & Dad worked Day light they are working engine over. Marie is going up to Joe’s Tomorrow
1944 – No entry
1945 – Dad Slept he is on Morning Tour I am going To have my hair fixed.
1946 – No entry



In the 1942 entry Grama talks about having to go to bed early because they were supposed to be in blackout conditions. Wikipedia says “A blackout during war, or in preparation for an expected war, is the practice of collectively minimizing outdoor light, including upwardly directed (or reflected) light. This was done in the 20th century to prevent crews of enemy aircraft from being able to navigate to their targets simply by sight, for example during the London Blitz of 1940. In coastal regions, a shore-side blackout of city lights would also help protect ships from being seen in silhouette against the shore and attacked by enemy submarines farther out at sea hidden from view.”

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